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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Define Data and Information With Examples


Data is the collection of raw facts and figures. It is without any proper meaning.
Data may be collection of words, numbers, graphics or sounds.
Examples of Data

1) Student Data on Admission Forms
When students get admission in a college. They fill admission form. This form     contains raw facts (data of student) like name, father’s name, address of student etc.

2)    Data of Citizens
During census, data of all citizens is collected.

3)    Survey Data
Different companies collect data by survey to know the opinion of people about their product.

4)    Students Examination data
In examination data about obtained marks of different subjects for all students is collected.   

    Processed data is called information. When raw facts and figures are processed and arranged in some order then they become information. Information has proper meanings. Information is useful in decision-making. Actually we process data to convert it into information. Here are some clear easy to understand differences between data and information.
Examples of Information:

1)    Student Address Labels
Stored data of students can be used to print address labels of students.

2)    Census Report (Total population, Literacy Rate, Male / Female ratio etc.)
Census data is used to get report/information about total population of a country and literacy rate etc.

3)    Survey Reports and Results
Survey data is summarized into reports/information to present to management of the company.

4)    Result Cards of Individual Students, Result sheets of  a particular Class
In examination system collected data (obtained marks in each subject) is processed to get total obtained marks of a student. Total obtained marks are Information. It is also used to prepare result card of a student.
5)  Merit List
After collecting admission forms from candidates, merit is calculated on the basis of obtained marks of each candidate. Normally, percentage of marks obtained is calculated for each candidate. Now all the candidates names are arranged in descending order by percentage. This makes a merit list. Merit list is used to decide whether a candidate will get admission in the college or not.

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