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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Create Save Password Protect Workbook in Excel

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Today, we will discuss a basic MS Excel Tutorial with a lot of pictures on How to Create a New Work book, Save workbook and Apply Password Protection on workbook in MS Excel.

Here is a list of topics to discuss:

  • Create a new Excel Work Book
  • Save a Work book
  • Password Protect a work book

How to Create a New Microsoft Excel Workbook?

  1. Start Microsoft Excel. It will open with a new workbook already created.
  2. OR when Excel is open, click on Office button and click on New.
  3. OR Press Ctrl + N from keyboard

How to Save a MS EXCEL Workbook?

  1. Click on Office button and click on Save As option
  2. OR press CTRL + S
  3. Save As dialogue box will open
  4. Select the drive and folder location to save file
  5. Type work book name
  6. Click on Save button to save the workbook 

How to Apply Password Protection on Excel Workbook

  1. Repeat the above mentioned steps from 1 to 5 as in SAVE WORKBOOK method.
  2. Click on Tools button which is before SAVE button on Save As dialog box
  3. Click on General Options
  4. Type a password in Password to Open text box, press Enter
  5. Confirm password and click on Ok button
  6. Click on Save button.
  7. Now workbook is password protected.
  8. Next time, when you open this work book, it will ask a password before opening.



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