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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Explain Different Types Of Output Devices

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Output devices

Out put devices are used to display results of processing to the user. They perform the following functions:
  1.  Receive results from memory
  2.  Convert data into human readable form
  3.  Display results to the user

Examples include: Monitor, printer, plotter, speaker, and multimedia projector.

1.    Monitor
LCD Monitor

CTR Monitor

Monitor is the most commonly used output device used to display results of processing. It has a TV like shape. Pictures on monitor are formed with picture elements called PIXEL. Monitors may be Monochrome that will display results in Black & White. Color Monitors are also available. They display results in multi colors. Monitor produces soft copy output.

2.    Printers

Printers are used to produce hard copy out put. They print processing results on paper. Printers are divided into two main categories:
·    Impact Printers
·    Non Impact printers

Impact Printers.

These printers print with striking of hammers or pins on ribbon. For example Dot Matrix printer and daisy wheel printers are impact printers.

Non-Impact Printers.

These printers do not use striking mechanism for printing. They use electrostatic and laser technology. Quality and speed of these printers is better than Impact printers. For example Laser printer and Inkjet printers are non-impact printers.

3.    Speaker
Speakers for Desktop computer

Speaker produces sound output. We can listen recorded voices, sounds or music with the help of speaker. Speaker produces sound output with the help of sound card.

4.    Plotter

Plotters are used to draw different designs of buildings or internal structure of machines. Mostly Engineers and Architects use plotters.

5.    Multimedia Projector.
Multimedia Projector

Multimedia projector is used to produce computer output on a big screen. These are used in meeting rooms or in classrooms of educational institutes.

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