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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How To Change Password of Hotmail Account

Sometimes, you may need to change the password of your Hotmail email account. One reason of changing password may be that your friend has seen the password and he may hack your Hotmail accont.

1. Type and press enter key.

2. Type your username and password and click sign in link.

3. Go to inbox.

4. Click on the Options link.

5. Click on more options link.

6. Click on 'Account dtails(password, aliases, time zone)' link, under 'Managing your account' heading.

7. Here you will be asked your password again. Type your current password and sign in.

8. Click on Change password link.
9. Type your current password in first box, new password in second box, Retype youe new password in third box.

10. Click on save button.

11. You will be informed by the message that your password has been changed.


How To Send New Email on Hotmail

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1. Type and press enter key.

2. Type your username and password and click sign in link.

3. Goto inbox.

4. Click on the New link.

5. In 'TO' text box, type email addresses separated by commas of your friends to send email.

6. Type any subject related to your email purpose, in SUBJECT box.

7. Type your email message in detail in main editor window. if you want to add more addresses in To box then type another email address after a comma.

8. If you want to send a file, for example, your picture or a word document to your friends, clcik on
attachemts link. File Upload dialog box will open, select the file and click on open. Wait until the file may be uploaded and its name will be seen under attachements link.

9. Click on the 'Send' link.

10. 'Your message has been sent' message will appear on screen.

11. There may be an option to add new contacts in your contacts list.

12. Type First and Last name of the contact and click on 'Add To contacts' button.

13. Click on Go to inbox link.

14. If you has sent this email to your own email address, it will be shown in your inbox, too. If you do nop
see it there, click on the refresh icon. Now you can see your email message shown in inbox.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Explain How To Create Hotmail Email Account

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1. Open your web browser, type and press enter key.
2. On the home page of Hotmail Click Link of Sign Up Now on bottom.

3. Now, you will see a form requiring some information about you. Fill in the form carefully. First of all, you need to enter your First Name and Last Name. Secondly, select your date of birth.
4. Select your gender.
5. Now,you must choose a unique user name. Type a user name, for example, mahmood.mcs. Click left button of mouse in the next text box named Create a password.
4. Now type a password. This password should be at least 8 characters long and a combination of alphabets and numbers is better and secure. You must remeber this password to access youe Hotmail email account. Type this password in the next text box labelled 'Renter password' again.

5. In this step, you will enter the necessary information for your identification and password reset, if you forget your password. This information will be of three types. You must give two type of information at least.
    i) Your Phone Number
Here you will enter your phone number, so that if you forget your password then you will get password reset information on this phone number.
    ii) Your Alternate email address
    iii) Your security question and the answer you provide.
6. Select your country and zip code or postal code as applicable.
7. Type the characters of text (verfication code to prove you are not a robot).

 8. Click on 'I Accept' button. If you have not provided two types of information as explained in step 5 above, you may be asked to provide it.

9. Here you may find an error regarding you did not enter the correct verification code. If this is the case, enter verification code again. Now click on 'I Accept' button again.
10. Normally, you will see a message above your user name text box ( isn't available ). Type another user name. Mostly, you can combine your year of birth, your marks in an examination or your favorite number with your user name.

11. Congratulations! you have got a new Hotmail account. Click on Goto inbox link.

12. Here is your Hotmail inbox.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Get Gmail Account Free

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1. Open your web browser, type and press enter key.
2. On the home page of gmail Click on Red Button Link of CREATE AN ACCOUNT on top right

 4.After choosing a unique acceptable user name, now type a password. This password should be a combination of alphabets and numbers. You must remeber this password to access youe Googlemail ( gmail ) account. Type this password in the next text box labelled 'Confirm your password' again.

5. Select your date of birth.
6. Select your gender (Male, Female, Other).
7. You may enter your mobile phone number.
8. you may enter your current email address, if you have one. Google Inc. will send email alert in current email address, if any type of unusual activity seen in your gmail account. This will make your gmail account secure from hacking.

9. Type the two pices of text (verfication code to prove you are not a robot).
10. Select your location.
11. Select the check box of Terms of Service.
12. Click on Next Step button. Here you may find an error regarding you did not enter the correct verification code. If this is the case, you will enter password, confirm password and then enter verification code again. Now click on Next Step Button again.

13. Set a profile photo for your aaccount. You can select a picture from your computer or a picture by your web cam. Or you can skip this step by clickng on Next Step button.

14. Congratulations! you have got a new gmail account. Click on Continue to Gmail button.

15. Here is your Gmail inbox.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

How To Create Yahoo E-Mail Account

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 Yahoo.Com is one of the most popular and oldest Free Email Provider world wide. Yahoo provides many free features to its email account holders including Yahoo Email account.
How To Create Free Yahoo Email Account in Seconds

  1. Open web browser, For example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. 
  2. Type in address bar and press Enter.
  3. Click on ‘Sign Up’ link.
  4. Fill in the form. Enter required information like First Name, Last Name,  Gender, Date of Birth, Country and Language.
  5. Type your required Yahoo ID (for your E-mail address). It must be unique. Yahoo will display a list of suggestions.
  6. Type your password and retype it.
  7. Type Your alternate e-mail address (Optional).
  8. Chose Secret Question 1 and type its answer.
  9. Chose Secret Question 2 and type its answer.
  10. Type the character code shown in picture.
  11. Click on ‘Create My Account’ button.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Differences Between Impact & Non-Impact Printers

Differences Between Impact and Non-Impact Printers
Impact Printers
Non-Impact Printers
1 It produces print on paper by striking mechanism. It produces print on paper with a non-striking mechanism
2 It uses pins, hammers or wheel to strike against an inked ribbon to print on a paper.. It uses laser, spray of special ink, or heat and pressure to print on paper. 
3 Normally impact printers use continuous paper sheet.  Non-Impact printers normally use individual paper sheets.
4 Impact printers are normally less expansive. Non-Impact printers are more expansive.
5 Print quality of impact printers is lower than those of non impact printers.. Print quality of Non-Impact printers is higher than those of impact printers.
6 Impact printers use special inked ribbons to produce print on paper when print head strikes. Non-Impact printers use toner or cartridge for printing on paper.
7 Impact printers are low speed printers. They consume a lot of time to print a document. Non-Impact printers are very fast, they can print many pages per minute.
8 Impact printers are very noisy because they strike print head. Non-Impact printers do not make a noise because they do not use striking mechanism in which print head strikes on ribbon and paper etc.
9 Examples of Impact printers are Dot matrix and daisy wheel printers. Examples of Non-Impact printers are laser printers and inkjet printers.
10 Impact printers use old printing technologies. Non impact printers use latest printing technologies.

What are different Types of Printers? Impact Printers and Non Impact Printers in Detail...


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Printer Types: Impact & Non-Impact Printers



A printer is an output device that prints characters, symbols and graphics on paper. The printed output is called hard copy. Printers produce permanent documents. Print resolution is commonly measured in dots per inch (dpi). A printer with higher print resolution, that is, dpi will produce higher quality print outs, but it will cost higher too.

Types of Printers

Depending upon the mechanism of printing, there different types of printers, as follows:
1) Impact Printers
2) Non-Impact Printers

1. Impact Printers

An impact printer works like a typewriter. It prints characters or images by striking a print hammer , a typeface or pins against paper and inked ribbon. We can say that impact printers do hit or impact an inked ribbon to print on a paper. Since, impact printers produce print outs by striking mechanism, they make a lot of noise, too. Print quality of impact printers is lower than print quality of non-impact printers. Printing cost or impact printers is lower than that of non-impact printers.

Types of Impact Printers

Dot Matrix Printer

A dot matrix printer is an impact printer. It produces printed images when tiny pins on a print head strike an inked ribbon. When the ribbon presses against the paper, it creates dots that form characters and graphics. The print head on a dot matrix printer can contain nine to twenty-four pins. Dot matrix printers use 100 to 300 DPI(dots per inch). Their speed is from 200 to 1000 characters per minute. Dot matrix printers generate a lot of noise. They do not produce a very high quality of print.

Drum Printer

Drum printer is an impact printer. It consists of a solid and cylindrical drum. The drum  has raised characters in bands on its surface. The drum rotates rapidly. For each print position, there is a print hammer to strike on ribbon and paper. The drum prints one line in one rotation. Since drum printer prints one line at a time, so it is called a line printer. Drum printer is a fast impact printer. It prints an entire line at a time. Its speed is measured in lines per minute (1pm). Many drum printers can print up to 2000 lines per minute.

Daisy Wheel Printer

Daisy wheel printer is similar to a typewriter. It uses a print wheel. The print wheel is called daisy wheel. Each petal of daisy wheel contains character. A motor rotates the wheel. A hammer strikes a petal against the ribbon when the desired character reaches the position on the paper. This prints the character on the paper. Daisy wheel printer is slower than dot matrix printer but better in quality. Daisy wheel technology is now found only in some electronic typewriters.Now-a-days mostly laser printers or ink jet printers are used.

2. Non-Impact Printers

A non-impact printer prints characters and graphics on a piece of paper without striking the paper. Some of these printers use spray ink while others use heat and pressure to create images. These printers are faster than impact printer. We can say that non-impact printers do not hit or impact an inked ribbon to print on a paper. Since, impact printers produce print outs by non-striking mechanism, they do not make a noise, Print quality of non-impact printers is higher than print quality of impact printers. Printing cost of non-impact printers is higher than that of impact printers.

Types of Non-Impact Printers

Laser Printer

Explain different Types of Printers Laser Printer

Laser printers are non-impact printers. The laser printer creates image on the paper by the laser beam. LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser throws magnetic material powder on paper in the form of microscopic dots. The density of these dots ranges from 300 to 2000 Dots per Inch (DPI). The printing speed of laser printers is from 5 to 300 pages per minute (ppm). Laser
printers are also called page printers. They print complete page at a time. Laser printers produce very high quality print. They are faster than inkjet and dot matrix printers. Color printing with laser printers is Very costly. Laser printers are mostly used in business field.

Ink-jet Printer

Explain different Types of Printers Ink-jet Printer

It is a non-impact printer. It prints text and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink on paper. These printers can produce quality text and graphics in black and white and color. Ink jet printers are slower than laser printer. They can print 1 to 6 pages per minute. Ink-jet printers are relatively inexpensive than laser printer.

What are top Ten Differences between Impact and Non Impact Printers?


Friday, March 30, 2012

CRT Monitors and Flat-panel LCD Monitors Differences

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Differences between CRT
Monitors and Flat-panel (LCD) Monitors
CRT Monitors Flat-panel (LCD)Monitors
1 CRT monitors are low-priced and more economical
than flat-panel (LCD) monitors.
Flat-panel monitors are more costly than CRT
2 Commonly, CRT monitors are used with personal
In the beginning LCD monitors were used in lap
top or note book computers, PDAs and smart phones. But now they available
for PCs, too. 
3 CRT monitors use Cathode Ray Tube (picture tube)
Technology to show text and graphics on screen.
Flat-panel monitors use LCD - Liquid Crystal
Display technology or Gas Plasma technology.
4 CRT monitors need more power. LCD monitors uses less energy than CRT monitors.
5 CRT monitors take more space on desk. LCD monitors take less space on desk top.
6 It has more weight than LCD monitors. It is light weight.
7 CRT monitors emit harmful radiations. LCD monitors do not emit harmful radiations.
8 It produces less sharp  output than LCD
LCD monitors produce sharper and clear output.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Different Types of Monitors

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Monitor is the most familiar output device. It is a display screen or visual display unit to show text and graphics to computer user. Common monitors look like a TV. Latest monitors are flat panel monitors like LCD monitors. Although LCD monitors are more costly than general old fashioned monitors called CRT monitors, they are light weight and don't emit radiations harmful to eyes.

Types of Monitors

There are the following main types of Monitors:

1. CRT Monitors

2. Flat Panel Monitors

3. Touch Screen Monitors

1. CRT Monitors

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube. CRT monitors use electronic beam gun to produce text and images. These electronic guns fire a beam of electrons on very tiny phosphorus dots on internal surface of screen. In color CRT monitors there are three electron beam guns for Red, Green and Blue colors. CRT monitors take more space on desk.

These are heavier than flat panel monitors. CRT monitors emit radiations which are harmful for human eyes. CRT monitors are less costly.

2. Flat Panel Monitors

 Flat panel monitors are thin, light weight and more compact and portable. Flat panel monitors take less space on desktop. Flat panel monitors do not emit harmful radiations. They consume less power than CRT monitors. They produce higher quality results than RCT monitors. Flat panel monitors are more costly than CRT monitors.

3. Touch Screen Monitors

Touch Screen Monitor is an input/output device. It uses a special touch sensitive screen. The User can enter data by touching icons or menus on the screen. As soon as the user selects a command from menu, output is displayed on screen. Commonly touch screen monitors use sensors to detect touch of finger.
Touch screen monitors are special input / output devices. Since they perform both functions that is, input and output at the same time, they are called dual devices or dual purpose devices or both input/output devices. ATM machines outside banks are one of the common examples of touch screen monitors.

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