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Monday, January 23, 2012

Components of Operating System

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Q. What is an Operating System? Explain Components of an Operating system.

Operating System

An operating system is a set of programs that manages all computer components and operations. Some popular operating systems are DOS, windows, Unix, Linux, and OS/2.
Without Operating System, a computer cannot do anything. Users interact with the computer through operating system. Operating system acts as an interface between a user and computer hardware.

An Operating system has many components to manage all resources of a computer system as following:

1.    Process Management

CPU can perform one task at one time. If there are many tasks, operating system decides which task should get the CPU first.

2.     Main Memory Management

Operating system manages memory (RAM)for many running programs. It allocates memory area to different programs. It deallocates the memory area when a program is terminated.

3.    Secondary Storage Management

Operating system manages secondary storage. It manages the stored files and folders on disk in a proper way.

4.    I/O System management

It manages Input/output operations. It controls I/O devices like mouse, keyboard, monitor and           printer etc.

5.     File Management

    It manages files for example creation and deletion of files.

6.         Protection System

          There are many processes of different users in memory at a time. So operating system provides protection so that no process can interfere with another process activity.   

7.     Networking

Operating system provides access to shared resources by networking system.

8.     Command Interpreter system

Operating system provides command interpreter for reading and executing user commands.


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