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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Uses Of Computer in Business Organizations

Now-a-days, computers are the essential part of any business organization. Computers are used in business companies for performing different tasks like Record Maintaining, Stock management, Pay Roll Systems, Business Correspondence and Business Communication etc,  Computer can be used in business in the following ways:

  • Employee Record Keeping

All business organizations keep record of their employees. Computers are being used extensively to make this task easier and more efficient. For example, computers are being used to keep records of :
  1. Daily attendance of employees
  2. Recording overtime hours of employees
  3. Recording Total hours worked of all employees
  4. Calculating Pay of employees
  5. Printing pay bills and receipts every month
  •   Marketing   

Any business organization can use computers for marketing their products.
  • Stock Exchange

Many stock exchanges are using computers for conducting bids. Stock brokers are using computers to perform all business functions in stock exchange.
  • Banks: Uses of Computer in Business

These days, banks are incomplete without computers. Banks are using computers to record Daily Customer Transactions. Every bank is using a customized software like Accounts Maintenance System. Accounts Maintenance System manages all customer financial dealing records through bank. The use of computers in banks has provided many benefits. It saves a lot of time and provides convenience for the customer.
  • Email

E-Mail stands for Electronic Mail. By E-Mail, you can send and receive messages. You can also attach files of different types with email message. No doubt, E-Mail is a faster and cheaper way of communication.
  • Payroll system

Computerized pay roll system is used in different organizations to maintain pay accounts of employees, easily and quickly.
  • Stock system: Uses of computer in Business

Computerized stock system is used to record number of items in stock of any organization efficiently.
  •    Fax
Computers can be used to send and receive faxes. Different Fax Software are available in market for this purpose.

  • Documentation

Word processor software like MS Word is used to prepare different types of documents like letters, applications and other documents.
  • Graphics: Uses of Computer in Business

Graphics software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw are used for image editing and preparing posters and cards etc.

  • Microsoft Power Point Presentations

Power point can be used to prepare good looking computerized presentations for business.
  • Spreadsheet: Uses of Computer in Business

Spreadsheet software like Excel can be used to prepare computerized worksheets and carts. 
  • Accounts department

Accounts department can use Accounting software like LedgerSMB, BizCorei and Microsoft Excel to prepare different accounting documents like balance sheet, Trial balance, Ledger and bank reconciliation etc.

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